Megapro Tools

The Megapro screwdriver is available for just €18.40 (+Postage and Packing)

Megapro patented pull-out bit cartridge screwdrivers - superior performance, award-winning design, and outstanding convenience are what set these unique Megapro multi-bit screwdrivers apart from ordinary multi-bit screwdrivers. Tradesmen value the patented pull-out bit cartridge that organises and holds the bits securely in place. It's fast and easy to select any one of the 14 screwdriver bits. This saves time and ends the frusstration of fumbling through a drawer or tool bag hunting fro the bit you need.

Professional quality high carbon steel shaft and tough TRIAX nylon reinforced handle assure lifetime performance against defects in workmanship and quality. The convenient pull-out bit cartridge is easy to customise with any screwdriver bit load to meet your individual needs.

The end of the shaft serves as a 1/4" hex nut driver. Other feature include the PALM SAVER cap, EZ GUIDE collar, professional quality S2 steel bits and a comfortable, non-slip grip. 

One Megapro screwdriver eliminates the need of having to store or carry around 15 different screwdrivers!