iO Play

Bluetooth HANDSFREE & Your MUSIC

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iO PLAY opens up the world of Music streaming & Mobile Phone Hands free possibilities. iO Play is fully installed into your vehicle and integrates into your existing Audio System.

Enjoy your Music on the Move, however you Store it, with Bluetooth and iO Play. Whether you keep your music on an iPod, iPhone, mobile phone, MP3 player or even your Sat Nav, you can now play it through your car’s audio system using iO Play, with great sound quality.

iO Play also acts as a hands free car kit, and can integrate with your sat nav voice instructions too - you control it all from one easy to use console.

iO PLAY is an innovative, in-car audio streaming device that connects and integrates any of your mobile devices simultaneously and wirelessly using Bluetooth® technology. iO PLAY is suitable for all

Bluetooth® enabled MP3 players, Mobile Phones and Sat Nav Systems, and can even connect devices that are not Bluetooth® enabled using a universal plug-in Bluetooth adaptor.

Fully compatible with the Bluetooth enabled phones and the iPhone. With iO Play installed you can play all of you iPhone music into your car speakers as well as using iO Play as a fully integrated hands-free car kit to make and receive phone calls.



    • Stream Music from any of your portable devices wirelessly into all your existing vehicle speakers using Bluetooth® technology.

    • Simultaneously make and receive phone calls while streaming music from a 2nd portable device.

    • Make your journey more exciting with excellent sound quality and Performance, using the iO Class D Amplifier technology (60 Watt). This amplifier is very efficient and designed specifically for Music playback and Automotive application.

    • Easy to use iO PLAY control console, which can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle.

    • Innovative Design that will easily fit your vehicle and its existing audio system. iO Connect has its own amplification so the installation doesn't have to depend on your vehicle having an AUX-in facility.

    • Enjoy auto-connect when you enter your vehicle by storing up to 5 portable devices in iO PLAY memory.

    • All your connected audio managed the way you need it to be with iO AudioSense Technology. (Patent Pending Technology).

    • Intensify your wireless experience and make a device Bluetooth® with the iO Bluetooth® Adaptor (Optional Accessories; iPod/ iPhone Bluetooth® Adaptor (p/n: iO-BTAPOD or p/n: iO-BTAPODC ) & 3.5mm Bluetooth® Adaptor (p/n: iO-BTA3-5).


iO PLAY is an Bluetooth® music streaming kit that is installed into you vehicle. The amplifier and Bluetooth module is installed behind the dash out of sight. The only component visible will be an easy to use iO PLAY console which will positioned on your vehicle dash.

Below is a diagram of a typical installation. iO Play can be installed into any car with any audio system.


Device Connectivity

  • Type: Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

  • Simultaneously connect 2 devices at once (1x A2DP, Stereo Bluetooth device for music streaming & 1x HFP device for hands free calling)

  • Store 5 devices in memory


Bluetooth Profiles

  • A2DP – (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) or sometimes called Stereo Bluetooth

  • HFP – (Hands free Profile)

  • HSP – (Headset Profile)

  • AVRCP – (Audio Video Remote Control Profile)


  • Bluetooth range: 5m


  • Store 5 Bluetooth devices in it's memory (only need to pair up a device once)


  • 60watts RMS

  • Class D Amplifier - Small but very efficient

  • ISO Connection. No need for an AUX-in facility

  • AudioSense technology (Intelligent audio switching between connected devices and original audio source)

Other Technology

  • AudioSense technology (Intelligent audio switching between connected devices and original audio source)

  • ASPR (Audio Sense Priority Resolution) This iO developed technology is made up of two separate technologies MPA (Mute Proceeds Audio) & ASLS (Audio Signal Level Sensing).

  • Full Muting of radio. If an iO Play device is in use the vehicle's radio will be muted and the device's audio will be played into the vehicle's speakers.


  • Illuminated console

  • Adaptive illumination of the console


iO Play Console

    • 70mm x 30mm x 23mm (Length x Width x Height)

iO Play Amplifier

    • 100mm x 81mm x 24mm (Length x Width x Height)

iO Play Bluetooth Module

    • 70mm x 81mm x 24mm (Length x Width x Height)

  • What's included in the box?iO Play console

  • iO Play ISO Harness

  • iO Amplifier

  • iO Play Bluetooth module

  • iO Play microphone

  • Amplifier & Bluetooth Harness

  • Quick Start Guide, registration card & installation Guide